Off the edge cuts

I learned this technique and thought it a good one to share.

Thin cuts off top of card.jpg


Lay the thin cuts with part above the fold line of the card.
Tape in place.




partial cut placement of plates


Lay this on the cutting plates with the lower part of the thin cuts sticking out from the plates.

Partial cut punny pals thin cuts

Run through the cuttlebug.
It will cut just the top part.

Trim so that the card will fit in your envelope.
For this card, the measurement is 4.25inches from the rabbit’s ears to the bottom of the card,

Punny Pals completedRoses partial cut





Colour and stamp to complete the card.







Another version using the same technique.

What do you think?






Thin Cuts Special Offer in March

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thin cuts flyer_02

Nearly March!

Oh my goodness!  It’s nearly March and this is only my 2nd post for the year.
I have been busy with local scrapbooking and cardmaking events…and with my son’s wedding…but I have definitely neglected this site.
I won’t make any rash promises, but I will try to post some interesting items a little more often.
Here are a couple of cards I’ve made recently…plus one I’m currently working on.  I’ll be back to show you more of that one soon.