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What makes you happy?

What gets a crafter more excited than new paper?  New stamps to go with the paper, and TIME to play with it all.
I find an afternoon in my craft room is so refreshing and enjoyable.
Which of these cards do you like best?

Imperfectly Done


We recently renovated our kitchen – most of it.
The bench is in a different place which meant there was a gap in the floor tiles where the old bench had been.
Our choice was to
*re-do the entire floor – huge job, massive cost
*patch the hole for a very low cost.

As you can see we went with the patch option. The floor is safe and sanitary, and it is DONE.

Done imperfectly is better than not done.

What does this have to do with paper craft?

So often we strive for perfection, the WOW-factor in our scrapbook albums, and so we don’t get very much done.
I propose that DONE, even imperfectly, is better than not done.

Pull out your photos, come to a class or workshop, work on them at home.  Be happy with DONE and don’t worry about perfection.