2 thoughts on “Collect, Observe, Record

  1. Hi Grace. I just got around to watching this TED talk. You are right, scrapbooking is a great tool to assist with being remembered – and remembering your own past and events. Most of my memories are attached to the photos that could prompt my memory. the videos of the kids when they were little were gems too. I was telling someone the other day that my son and his wife in AK are always taking photos of their kids which is fantastic – but not the bigger picture like: Where were they? Who else was there? What did the surrounding area look like? The park, the buildings. They were in Napier a few months ago and I wasn’t in any of the pictures and neither were Chad and Marion. There were a few of the 4 kids together. I thought to myself – one day the Kids won’t even know I as there – what I looked like back then etc – especially when they are grown and I’m not around anymore. They will ask why there are no photos of themselves with Grandma. It made me sad. (But I’m over it now because I’m on a mission to correct this oversight at Xmas when they are down again. I will have my camera on hand all the time – and putting it in others to capture me with the kids too.)
    Sorry – too much information?

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