Making More Memories

These photos aren’t in an album yet, but I wanted to share them now to show WHY photo albums matter to me. It isn’t about the craft or the bling and embellishments.  Those are fun, but it is the memories that matter.



Felicity and I worked on a costume for her to wear to a cosplay event in Wellington last weekend.  What a wealth of memories we built as we worked together on this…choosing fabric, dying the fabric, cutting, sewing, measuring again and re-making the trousers.




Then came the leather pieces.  After finding the right pieces, we visited a local cobbler to have them worked into one piece.








Next, the hair!  I am not much better at hairstyling than I am at sewing.  Pretty poor at both, but we got there in the end, with lots of goo and hairspray.







Here she is!
My very own Rey (Star Wars fans will know who I mean.)

This is one project that I will remember for a long time.

Because we did it together.
Because I learned how determined she can be.
Because she researched it and taught me a lot along the way.
Because she was patient when I messed up some of it.
Because I loved working with her

So go on!  Take the photos and save the memories and moments that matter to you.

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