Tonsils – 1928 style

My Dad and I worked on an album of his life. He was born in 1921. There aren’t heaps of photos, but there are HEAPS of stories! Here is one of them. Would we do this with a seven year old today?

When I was seven years old I had my tonsils out. I include this here because of how different things were then. No bother with a hospital. The local doctor arranged with a doctor from the next town to assist and about seven or eihgt of us who needed the operation were booked in. I waited in the family car in the doctor’s driveway until it was my turn. I remember from time to time someone would come out, pour out bottles of blood etc on the ash heap, and go back in. You may wonder at this, but there was no running water and no drains in the doctor’s house.
They put me on the table and put over my face a mask sprayed with ether. I recall hearing the doctor telling me, “Wiggle your finger,” every time I stopped wiggling it. The next thing I knew was when I woke up in bed with a sore throat, and the doctor’s wife brought me a cup of hot, sweet tea. I do not remember that I had ever tasted tea before.

Memory Keeping Matters!

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