Celebrate your daily life

In 2013, I took one photo each day for the entire year. I have always photographed and scrapbooked the “important” events, but that year of photos taught me to look at my life in a new way.
I photographed
…the first apples of the season
…Ian learning to roast coffee beans
…cake pops and birthday cakes decorated by Adele
…cricket at the beach
…the girls’ schoolwork
…friends who visited (who I might not have a photo of otherwise)
…our first fire of the year – April 9th
…my tax papers  (a real highlight of my year!)
…and of course holidays, birthdays, Christmas, and weddings

Taking a photo everyday helped me celebrate little things, and it helped me create a record of what my regular life is like. Life is not only “big” events.  It is lots of little events, routines, daily duties, simple food (as well as birthday cakes). Why am I writing about this? A year is a long time to keep up the habit of a photo every day! A month is much easier. So, here is my idea for you:

Join me in July.
Take one photo each day.
At the end of the month, print them and put them into a My Crush book.
These books will give you plenty of room for each photo and some journalling about it.
All you need is the Crush book, adhesive, pen, and your photos.
You won’t need any extra embellishments – but you can add them if you wish to.

Then you can join me for coffee and dessert to celebrate and share our finished books.

Contact me by commenting below, e-mail, or phone to join me in this project and choose your Crush book (just $24)

Choose from these books: (click on the name to see them)

In The Pink

6 thoughts on “Celebrate your daily life

  1. What a great idea Grace.

    I will give it a go. Could be a boring Crush Book – or have the opposite effect of making me do different things to make it look as if I am very interesting!

    You’ll have to remind me on 1st July tho!

  2. You know me, I’ll always be a taker. I’ll order my Crush book at the workshops tomorrow. See you there

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